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University Links
UA Homepage
UA Physics Department Homepage
UA Geoscience Department Homepage
wonderful guide to the plants on campus

AMS Laboratories
ETH Zurich AMS Facility Zurich, Switzerland
National Ocean Sciences AMS Facility Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA
Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit Oxford, England
PRIME Laboratory Purdue University, Indiana, USA
Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Center for Isotope Research University of Groningen, the Netherlands
Nagoya University Center for Geochronological Research Japan
Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences New Zealand
ISOTRACE University of Toronto, Canada
Australian National University AMS Facility Canberra, Australia
ANTARES Lucas Heights, Australia
Vienna Environmental Research Accelerator University of Vienna, Austria
Center for Applied Isotope Studies University of Georgia, Georgia, USA
Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre East Kilbride, Scotland
University of Aarhus AMS 14C Dating Center Denmark
University of Utrecht AMS Laboratory Utrecht, the Netherlands
Complete AMS Laboratory List University of Vienna

Sample Preparation Laboratories
Laboratory of Isotope Geochemistry University of Arizona Department of Geosciences
Limnological Research Center University of Minnesota
University of Glasgow Radiocarbon Laboratory East Kilbride, Scotland
Waikato Radiocarbon Laboratory New Zealand
Institute of Earth Environment Chinese Academy of Sciences, XiAn, China

Meteoritical Society Conference 2008 Matsue, Japan
International 14C Conference 2009 Big Island, Hawaii

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