The University of Arizona


Rethinking Gravity:

From the Planck scale to the size of the Universe

January 22-24, 2007
Tucson Marriott University Park
Tucson, Arizona

Supported by the Theoretical Astrophysics Program of the University of Arizona

Liste here to an NPR Science Friday podcast on the Workshop

Online talks will be available by March 10

Gravity is the last untamed force in our modern understanding of the physical world. The past decade has witnessed an explosion in new ideas, both for modifications and extensions to Einstein gravity as well as new methods of testing these ideas. This conference will bring together theorists and experimentalists from diverse research fields but with a common goal, to probe and test gravitational phenomena at all scales, from the Planck scale to the size of the Universe.

SOC: Dimitrios Psaltis (Arizona), Keith Dienes (Arizona), Scott Hughes (MIT), Lisa Randall (Harvard), David Spergel (Princeton), Clifford Will (WUSTL)

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