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Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Lab

The NSF-Arizona Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) Laboratory has operated as an nsf research and service Facility since 1981. It is jointly operated by the Physics and Geosciences Departments at the University of Arizona, serving as an interdisciplinary hub for a broad range of research and educational activities. During the last five years, 76 students have utilized this facility for their research, leading to 32 Doctoral and 13 Master's degrees completed from various universities. The facility has two tandem accelerators with terminal energies of up to 3 million volts that are used for measuring cosmogenic isotopes with ultra-low abundances, such as 14C, 10Be, 129I, and 26Al. These are used to investigate many research topics, including tracer studies, radiometric dating, carbon cycle dynamics, terrestrial magnetic field, solar wind, ocean sciences, cosmic ray physics, meteoritics, geology, paleoclimate, faunal extinctions, hydrologic balance, forest fire-frequency, archaeology, art history, forensic science, and instrument development.

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Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Lab


Warren Beck

Research Scientist
Office: PAS 255
Phone: 520-621-4277

George Burr

Research Scientist
Office: PAS 279
Phone: 520-621-8411

Douglas J Donahue

Professor Emeritus of Physics
Ph.D., 1952, University of Wisconsin
Office: PAS 265
Phone: 520-621-2480

Gregory Hodgins

Assistant Research Scientist and Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Office: PAS 277
Phone: 520-626-3619

Timothy Jull

Professor of Geosciences and Physics
Office: PAS 249
Phone: 520-621-6816