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Academic Advising

If you are a physics major:

You have been assigned an official advisor. If you do not know who your advisor is, please go to PAS 260 and Su Arnold can tell you who it is.  You can then contact that faculty member directly. If for some reason you have trouble meeting up with your official advisor, you are welcome either to contact anyone listed below or to send an e-mail to

If you are not a physics major:

Please send an e-mail to One of the academic advisors listed below will contact you.


Dr. Milsom is the coordinator for the Arts and Sciences Advisors.





Dr. Brian LeRroy

PAS 547


Dr. Srinivas Manne

PAS 575


Dr. Drew Milsom (Advisor Coordinator)

PAS 557


Dr. Arvinder Sandhu

PAS 445


Dr. Doug Toussaint

PAS 386A


Dr. Erich Varnes

PAS 464


Dr. Charles Wolgemuth

PAS 451