Delmar Barker Photo

Delmar L. Barker

Adjunct Professor

University of Arizona
Department of Physics
1118 E. 4th Street
Tucson, AZ 85721
(520) 545-9317

Professional Interests

  • Metamaterials
  • Carbon nanotube technology
  • Nuclear and Atomic Physics



  • Raytheon Missile Systems Physicist Fellow, 1999-Present
  • Adjunct Professor of Physics, University of Arizona, 2001-Present
  • Physicist, Self Employed/Consultant/Subcontractor, 1974-1999
    • Consulted for Zetetic Institute
    • High Pressure Diamond Optics Corporation
    • Rincon Research Corporation
    • The Research Corporation
    • MER Corporation
    • EG&G Energy Measurements
    • Allied Signal
    • University Patents, Inc.
    • Science and Engineering Associates

Selected Publications and Presentations

  • James F. Scholl, Delmar L. Barker, Harry A. Schmitt, John D. Langan, " Tunable continuous wavelet and frame transforms ", Proc. SPIE Vol. 4119, p. 922-933, Wavelet Applications in Signal and Image Processing VIII; Akram Aldroubi, Andrew F. Laine, Michael A. Unser; Eds. 12/2000
  • McGuire, P.C.; Bowen, T.; Barker, D. L.; Halverson, P. G.; Kendall, K. R.; Metcalfe, T. S.; Norton, R. S.; Pifer, A. E.; Barbier, L. M.; Christian, E. R.; Krombel, K. E.; Mitchell, J. W.; Ormes, J. F.; Streitmatter, E. E.; Davis, A. J.; Labrador, A. W.; Mewaldt, R. A.; Schindler, S. M.; Golden, R. L.; Stochaj, S. J.; Webber, W. R., " Balloon-Borne Direct Search for Ionizing Massive Particles as a Component of the Galactic Halo Dark Matter ", Dark Matter, Proceedings of a conference, held at the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, October, 1994. New York: American Institute of Physics (AIP). Edited by Stephen S. Holt and Charles L. Bennett. AIP Conference Proceedings, Vol. 336, 1995, p.53, 00/1995
  • Barker, D.; Jull, A. J. T.; Donahue, D. J., " Excess carbon-14 abundances in uranium ores: Possible evidence for emission from uranium-series isotopes ", Geophysical Research Letters, Volume 12, Issue 10, p. 737-740 00/1985
  • McIntyre, L. C.; Carson, P. L.; Barker, D. L., " Mean Lives of States in Mg27 ",Physical Review, vol. 184, Issue 4, pp. 1105-1111, 08/1969


  • Barker Delmar L., Shah Nitesh N., Schmitt Harry A., " High Density Storage of Excited Positronium Using Photonic Band Gap Traps " , US Patent 6,813,330, 2003.
  • Barker Delmar L., Schultz Stephen M., Schmitt; Harry A., " Microwave Absorbing Material-6,756,932, 2003
  • Schultz Stephen M., Barker Delmar L., Schmitt Harry A., " Radome Compensation Using Matched Negative Index " , US Patent 6,788,273, 2002
  • Barker Delmar L., Schmitt Harry A., Knapp David J., Braunreiter Dennis C., Samuel Alphonso A., Schultz Steven M., " Far Field Emulator for Antenna Calibration " , US Patent 6,531,989, 2001
  • Barker Delmar L., Schmitt Harry A., Schultz; Stephen M., " Optical Accelerometer and its use to measure acceleration ", US Patent 6,567,174, 2001.
  • Thermally Powered THz Source, US Patent 7,078,697
  • LADAR IFF, US Patent 7,046,358


Other Activities

  • Member of Army/Air Force Office of Scientific Research external advisory committee (MURI)
  • Member of Raytheon Patent Committee

Public Scripts and Codes

  • A link here to our codes