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Intro E&M lab manual
Donated 600 hours to write the ~300 page lab manual for this "weed out" course for all engineering majors (with student comments about manual).

Science Sales Pitch (.ppt)
Successful sales pitch to the UA physics department to implement my laboratory manual.
NSF/REU-Bridge Program
Administrator & mentor for summertime research program for community college science students. Summers 2007-2012
Women in Physics (.ppt)
Proposal to attract & retain female undergrad physics majors.
M.Ed. Thesis in Math, Science and Technology education
UA Teaching Survey Results
NAU teaching survey results
OSU teaching survey results
• Public Demonstrations
Monkey the Bear, Nov. 2010
Linear Momentum, Dec. 2010

Past Course Websites
Physics 121 - Lecture
Summer 2007, Introductory Mechanics, University of Rochester
Physics 237 - Module Sessions
Spring 2007, Quantum Mechanics of Physical Systems, University of Rochester
Physics 141 - Recitation
Fall 2006, Honors Mechanics, University of Rochester