Drew Milsom

These three photos (taken in Badlands National Park in South Dakota, Coopers Rock State Forest in West Virginia and the bighorn mountains in Wyoming respectively) pretty well describe me. I just realized (as of 4/2008) that the Badlands photo is actually flipped left to right (not that you would have known that if I hadn't told you...)

I am currently in my 21st year in the Department of Physics at the University of Arizona . At this time, I am serving as our Director of Undergraduate Studies and am an Associate Professor of Practice. While I am teaching faculty member and not expected to publish, I do periodically publish something. Here is a link to recent my recent publications.

Prior to this, I spent three years as a visiting assistant professor in the Department of Physics at West Virginia University. and prior to that I was a graduate student in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Northwestern University. My thesis research was in computational astrophysics and my thesis abstract is available. Most of my large simulations were run on computers at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.

Various Links

Photography is a big hobby of mine and here is a picture of me taken in the Bighorn Mountains by Ralph Williams. Cloud Peak lies far in the background.

As an undergraduate I attended Penn State University.

I still maintain a strong interest in astronomy.

I am also very interested in the study of the Earth's Climate and its geology.

I love the outdoors and spend as much time in the backcountry as possible. Since I have moved to Tucson, I have become a "desert rat". Tucson is definitely a hikers and bikers paradise.

I grew up near Pittsburgh so I read the Tribune Review to keep up to date.

And lastly I couldn't do without espn for general sports coverage.

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