Northwestern University.

Having been in graduate school here for six years, I have naturally accumulated some photos.

For the last six years I have "lived" in the basement of this famous building, Dearborn Observatory. It houses an 18.5 inch refractor whose lens was made by the famous lensmaker Alvin Clark.

This was Lindhemier Astronomical Research Center (LARC) which used to be on the campus until a bunch of annoying administrators tore it down.

This "was" the 40 inch telescope in LARC. From left to right we have me, Diane Dutkevitch and Robert Lentz. There are also astrophotos taken with this telescope available.

This is Nate Bradley (a former undergraduate astronomy major at Northwestern University) at the 16 inch telescope in LARC.

Here is another photo of LARC and the lakefront at Northwestern University.

This is University Hall, the oldest building on the campus.

This is obviously the university's fountain.

This is just a springtime scene on the campus. The building behind the tree is the university library.

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