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Public Outreach
We work closely with the public outreach experts at Flandrau Science Center. By working with experts (and receiving training on public outreach), REU participants will be giving back to their community as well as making valuable contacts for volunteer opportunities.

2014 Public Outreach
On Wednesday, July 23, the REU participants joined the Flandrau summer campers during their "Forces That Move You" Physics Week to work on physics and engineering projects designed by the REU participants.

Some physics and engineering activities we use for Flandrau Science Center summer camps:
  • Catapults! (engineering and constructing water-balloon catapults)
  • Bottle Rockets! (safely building bottle rockets)
  • Helicopter Construction! (designing and building model flight-capable helicopters)

2013 Public Outreach
On Saturdays June 29 and July 13, the REU participants collaborated with Flandrau outreach experts on interactive Marine Discovery demonstrations for visiting Boy Scouts of America troups.

Some marine science demonstrations used for Boy Scout camps on weekends during the summer:
  • Rocky Intertidal Zone (tide pool petting terrarium)
  • Shark and Squid Dissections (hands-on anatomy lesson on sharks and squids)
  • Plankton (designing model plankton for buoyancy)
  • Fish Diversity (learning about fish species with preserved specimens)

2012 Public Outreach
During several weekends, the REU participants joined the Flandrau outreach team, bringing physics demonstrations and interactive mini-projects, some of which summer campers could take home with them after the day's activities.

Some physical science demonstrations we use for Girl/Boy/Cub Scout camps on weekends during the summer:
  • High Voltage Electricity! (Van de Graf demos)
  • Ultra-freezing Liquid Physics! (liquid nitrogen demos)
  • Non-Newtonian Fluid Fun! (home made slime)
  • Soapy Science! (physics and optics of bubbles)
  • The Sun as a Battery! (solar cell electronics)

2011 Public Outreach
On Saturday, July 9, the REU participants gave poster presentations to the general public at the Tucson 2nd Saturdays Downtown event (at 31 N. 6th Ave.).
  • REU participants met at 5:00pm to set up, the event officially began at 5:30.
  • We had constructed poster stands from PVC materials and utility boards to keep costs to the NSF grant low.
  • We were all surprised at the interest and multitudinous questions of Tucson's citizens.
  • Public outreach for the UA College of Science is currently administered by former REU participants Amy Gladwin and Karen Palmer.