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May 18, 2015 : Manuscript on magneto-electric generation and detection of spin currents published in PRL !

April 30, 2015 : PRL accepted our manuscript on "Generation and Detection of Spin Currents in Semiconductor Nanostructures with Strong Spin-Orbit Interaction" ! Congratulations to Fabrizio and the nanophysics group at ETHZ for implementing the spin detection scheme Peter Stano and I proposed in this manuscript.

February 18, 2015 : Teaching my first class at EPFL - solid state physics. Thrilled !

January 1, 2015 : Start of "Autoquart", our new research program on autoconsumption of electricity at the district level.

December 1, 2014 : The NSF team is now complete, with Robin joining us as graduate student. Welcome !

November 1, 2014 : Very pleased to welcome Tommaso as new postdoc in our group.

October 2, 2014 : The SCCER-FURIES welcomes our group as new cooperation partners.

October 1, 2014 : Welcome to Laurent as new graduate student.

June 23 2014 : After one year minus 2 days of fight with various (and variously competent) referees and divisional associate editors, our manuscript on the local temperature of out-of-equilibrium quantum systems has finally been accepted for publication in Physical Review B. Very proud of this paper - no one ever managed to consistently define a temperature for out-of-equilibrium systems without assuming local, piecewise equilibrium. Now it's done. Less proud of Physical Review, however.

Check it out here.

May 9 2014 : The Swiss National Science Foundation has awarded me an AP Energy Grant, effectively endorsing my change of career. CHF 1.2 mio over four years will turbo-start my new research program in energy and energy-related problems. Thanks a lot for this very warm "welcome back".

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Experimental (top three panels) and theoretical (bottom three panels) images of the local density of states of a single-layer sheet of graphene on a hexagonal boron nitride substrate at 3 different energies. The mismatch and the relative rotation of the graphene and boron nitride lattices creates a periodic potential which modulates the local density of states in the graphene. The scale bars in all images are 10 nm.

[Figure from Yankowitz et al., Nature Phys. 8, 382 (2012).]