Johann Rafelski, Arizona Strong Fields Strangeness Quark Gluon Plasma Special Relativity Matters

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Nov 7, 2021 group dinner; appetizers on a terrace overlooking Catalina Mountains,standing from left to right: UA Physics Graduate Students Chris, Will, Cheng Tao, Andrew, Stefan (photo: Hannah Isaac)

A new Modern Special Relativity by Johann Rafelski undergraduate book: (in press Fall 2021)

Completed Fulbright Fellowship 2018/9 and 2020/21 interrupted by Covid19 at the Wigner Institute, Budapest, Hungary

Visit end July 2021 to Visegrad Castle near Budapest, Hungary; in the pcitures Norbert Kroo, Tamas Biro, Victoria Grossack and Johann Rafelski
(Photo) (Photo)


Research activities
continue since late March
in virtual space.
After first challenges
this works as good or better
compared to in person meetings!


Following on his CERN Dec. 12 2019 colloquium, Gerard Mourou and the author are photographed at the comemorative CERN location "where the web was born".


A former Arizona undergraduate Francois LeMery (now at DESY) at a dinner with the Spoksman of NA61 Marek Gazdzicki (on left in picture) and the author, in Kielce Poland on December 5 2019. Photo M. Magda Gazdzicki


Arizona graduate students at Lake Balaton, Hungary, June 2019: front right Stefan Evans (Ph.D. Cand) facing Dr. Tamas Biro, Deputy Director of MTA-Wigner Institute, behind Stefan, under window we see Martin Formanek (Ph.D. Cand) covering up Prof. Denes Molnar from Purdue University, in conversation across him with Prof. Miklos Gyulassy, Berkley. Far under window we seee Dr. Peter Van from MTA-Wigner, and last at table under window is Prof. Laslo Csernai from Bergen, Norway.


Preparatory visit to Budapest in 2018 upon award of Flex Fulbright Fellowship.


An Arizona hike with Students late 2018: in front Andrew Steinmetz (Ph.D. Cand), Gustavs Kehris (Undergrad), Stefan Evans (Ph.D.Cand), Cheng Tao Yang (Ph.D. Cand); in the back Victoria and Jan.Photographer: Martin Formanek (Ph.D. Cand)


Half of the Nobel Prize 2018
to a future with Strong Fields:

Gerard Mourou and
Donna Strickland

Photo at Lake Geneva 2013
Front: Gerard Mourou, Marcelle
Donna Strickland
2nd row: Johann and Victoria
PDF: The light-pulse horizon;
CERN Courier 2009

Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) project launch
Paris 2008: to right speaking Gerard Mourou

Center: Johann Rafelski and B. Manuel Hegelich, the three authors of
Probing the quantum vacuum with ultra intense laser pulses


Latest Book: Teaching Special Relativity introducing the physical reality (JS Bell method) -- RELATIVITY MATTERS: From Einstein's EMC2 to Laser Particle Acceleration and Quark-Gluon Plasma (US web-link) (and German web-link )


July 2017 visit with John W Clark to the CUDO created island of Madeira in midst of the Atlantic Ocean. One speaks portugese here.


picture taken at FIAS on June 28, 2017
In picture: 31 years after: L to R: Berndt Muller, Peter Koch and Johann Rafelski
the three authors of 1986 Strangness Signature of QGP bestsellers:
Strangeness in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions, Phys.Rept. 142 (1986) 167-262

See update "From Strangeness Enhancement to Quark-Gluon Plasma Discovery"