Johann Rafelski

Books authored and edited


  1. RELATIVITY MATTERS: (US web-link)
    From Einstein's EMC2 to Laser Particle Acceleration and Quark-Gluon Plasma
    J. Rafelski
    J. Rafelski
    RELATIVITY MATTERS at Springer German web-link
    ISBN-13: 978-3319512303; ISBN-10: 3319512307; (Springer 2017)
    J. Rafelski

  2. Melting Hadrons, Boiling Quarks
    From Hagedorn Temperature to Ultra-Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions at CERN
    With a Tribute to Rolf Hagedorn
    ISBN 978-3-319-17544-7 , 16+441 pages , (Springer Open 2016)
    Edited by J. Rafelski

  3. Proceedings of SQM 2006
    Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics
    Volume 32, Number 12, December 2006 (I0P 2006)
    Edited by: K. Barish, H.Z. Huang, J. Kapusta, G. Odyniec,
    J. Rafelski and Ch.A. Whitten Jr

  4. Quark-Gluon Plasma: Theoretical Foundations
    ISBN: 0-444-51110-5, 836 pages, (Elsevier 2003)
    An annotated reprint collection; Edited by J. Kapusta, B. Muller and J. Rafelski

  5. New States of Matter in Hadronic Interactions
    Proceedings of the Pan-American Advanced Study Institute 2002
    Proceedings series No. 631, ISBN 0-7354-0086-5, 728 pages, (AIP, NY 2002)
    Editors: H.T. Elze, E. Ferreira, T. Kodma, J. Letessier, J. Rafelski and R.L. Thews

  6. Hadrons and Quark-Gluon Plasma
    Cambridge Monographs on Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics and Cosmology (No. 18)
    ISBN 0-521-38536-9, 413 pages, (Cambridge University Press 2002)
    J. Letessier and J. Rafelski


  7. Strangeness in Hadronic Matter
    Proceedings of the Tucson SQM conference, Janaury 1995
    American Institute of Physics Proceedings series No. 340, ISBN 1-56396-489-9 (AIP, NY 1995)
    Editor: J. Rafelski

  8. Hot Hadronic Matter ,
    Proceedings of the Divonne NATO-ARW Workshop, June 1994
    NATO-ASI Series B: Physics, Vol 346,ISBN 0-306-45008-9 (Plenum, NY 1995)
    Editors: J. Letessier, H.H.Gutbrod, and J. Rafelski

  9. Particle Production in Highly Excited Matter
    Proceedings of NATO-ASI held in Il Ciocco, 1992
    NATO-ASI, Series B: Physics, Vol 303; ISBN 0-306-44413-5 (Plenum, NY, 1992)
    Editors: H.H. Gutbrod and J. Rafelski

  10. Muon Catalyzed Fusion
    Proceedings of the 1988 Meeting
    AIP Proceedings series No. 181, ISBN 0-88318-381-1 (AIP, NY 1989)
    Editors: S.E. Jones, H. J. Monkhorst and J. Rafelski


  11. Hadronic Matter in Collision 1988
    World Scientific,ISBN 9971-50-849-4 (Signapore 1989)
    Editors: P. Curruthers and J. Rafelski

  12. The Structured Vacuum: Thinking about nothing
    Popular Scientific Monograph
    (also University of Cape Town publication UCT-TP 17/84)

    H. Deutsch Verlag, ISBN 3-87144-889-3 (Thun, 1985)
    German translation: ISBN 3-87144-888-5 (Thun, 1985)
    Low resolution scan: The Structured Vacuum (1.1Mb only!)
    J. Rafelski and B. Muller

  13. Quantum Electrodynamics of Strong Fields
    ISBN 0-387-13404-2 (Springer 1985)
    W. Greiner, B. Muller and J. Rafelski,

  14. Pocketbook of Mathematical Functions
    abridged edition of NBS Handbook of Math. Functions
    H. Deutsch Verlag, ISBN 3-87144-818-4 (Thun, 1984)
    Editors: M. Danos and J. Rafelski


  15. Spezielle Relativiteatstheorie
    Lecture Course on Relativity (in German)
    ISBN 3-87144-711-0 (1st Edition),
    ISBN 3-8171-1063-4 (2nd Edition),
    ISBN 3-8171-1205-X; ISBN13 978-3-8171-1205-0 (3rd Edition)
    H. Deutsch Verlag (Thun 1984-92),
    W. Greiner and J. Rafelski

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