Curriculum Vitae
Prof. Dr. Johann Rafelski

Department of Physics
The University of Arizona

PAS Bldg 81, Room 386D
1118 E. 4th Street
TUCSON, AZ 85721-0081

Tel.: +1 520-777 9519 Cell.: +1 520-990 4213 Fax: +1 520-621 4721
Contact: E-mail: JRafelski at Yahoo.COM and: Rafelski at Physics.Arizona.Edu
Personal: Married with Victoria A Grossack, an author and actuary
two adult children Marc A. Rafelski and Susanne M. Rafelski
EU and USA citizen
Languages: English, French, German, and Polish
Hobbies: skiing, history of (ancient) science and civilization


  1. Vacuum structure of QED; and QCD: quark deconfinement and quark-gluon plasma;
  2. Hadronization and freeze-out of matter in laboratory and in the early Universe;
  3. Neutrinos in the Universe and Cosmological Evolution;
  4. Strong Field and critical acceleration;
  5. Physics with ultra-intense light pulses; relativistic plasma; aneutronic fusion

Abitur: 1968 Goethe Gymnasium, Frankfurt/Main highest honors and Prize Award
Study: 1968--71 J.W. Goethe University, Frankfurt `Studienstiftung' Fellowship
Degrees: 1970 Vordiplom
1971 Diplom Physiker
1973 Dr. Phil. Nat., Theoretical Physics

CURRENT Professor of Physics, Department of Physics (tenured);
Member, Program in Applied Mathematics
Affiliate Faculty, Theoretical Astrophysics Program
Professor, Arizona Research Laboratory (tenured);
at The University of Arizona
at The University of Arizona
at The University of Arizona
at The University of Arizona

1971-73 Assistent, Institut für Theoretische Physik J.W. Goethe Universität, Frankfurt
1971-93 Guest Scientist NBS/NIST, Washington, DC
1973-74 Postdoctoral Fellow University of Pennsylvania
1974-80 Postdoctoral Fellow
from 1975 Junior Staff
from 1977 on leave
Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago
1977-79 Fellow CERN, Geneva
1979-83 C3-Professor für Theoretische Physik J.W. Goethe Universität Frankfurt
1983-87 Chair of Theoretical Physics
University of Cape Town
September 1987 Appointment as full professor with tenure
The University of Arizona

1979-15 Guest Scientist CERN, Geneva: including sabbatical leaves 1982/83, 1986/87, 2000/01, 2004/5
1979-91 Scientific Advisor and Guest Scientist GSI-Darmstadt, Germany
1983-87 Scientific Advisor US-MUCF research program BYU/LAMPF The Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility
1992 Guest Scientist MPI Max Planck Institut für Physik Werner-Heisenberg Institute, Munich
1993-06 Guest Professor Universit'e Paris 7, LPTHE (sabbatical leave 1993/94, 2004/5)
2008-09 DFG Excellence Professor Physik Department, LMU-Munich/Garching, Germany,
2010-15 Guest Professor LULI, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France