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Latest update

Postdoc position in Attosecond Soft-x-ray Science

In 2019, we initiated a new attosecond spectroscopy project at the University of Arizona, which is centered around a state-of-the-art high-power mid-infrared laser system and multifunctional soft-x-ray beam lines with some unique spectroscopic capabilities. This project is distinct, but will benefit from the ongoing efforts in Sandhu group, which include the application of velocity map imaging and xuv attosecond transient absorption to investigate coupled electron-nuclear dynamics in molecules and materials, coherence in electronic processes, and multi-electron excitations. We are seeking a post-doctoral researcher to play a leading role in the multi-year project focussed on the development and application of a next generation soft-x-ray attosecond pump-probe set up to study correlated quantum dynamics in molecules and materials. Skills and expertise is sought in areas such as few-cycle pulses, mid-infrared lasers, soft-x-ray generation and characterization, attosecond transient absorption/reflection, pump-probe spectroscopy, coincident electron/ion imaging etc. For information, please email me at

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