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Movie showing evolution of the electron hole density (left) near a conical intersection of CO2 molecule. The corresponding changes in the nuclear wavepacket due to bending and assymetric stretching motion are also shown (right). For details see our Physical Review Letters paper
UA physicists led by Arvinder Sandhu (right) take advantage of the attosecond laser pulses to take snapshots of chemical reactions.

(Freezing Electrons in Flight, By Daniel Stolte, University Communications; Photo: Beatriz Verdugo/UANews)

Recent news -

  • March 2016: Our work on " Attosecond transient absorption in dense gases: Exploring the interplay between resonant pulse propagation and laser-induced line-shape control" published in Physical Review A.

  • Feb 2016: Our work on "Attosecond quantum-beat spectroscopy in helium" published in Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics.

  • Feb 2016: Our work on "Global k-space analysis of electron-phonon interaction in graphene and application to M-point spectroscopy" published in Physical Review B.

  • April 2015: Our work on " Beyond the Single-Atom Response in Absorption Line Shapes: Probing a Dense, Laser-Dressed Helium Gas with Attosecond Pulse Trains" published in Physical Review Letters.

  • December 2014: Henry Timmers successfully defends his doctoral thesis. Dr. Timmers is joining UC Berkeley as a post-doc.

  • September 2014: Our work on "Coherent Electron Hole Dynamics Near a Conical Intersection" published in Physical Review Letters.

  • May 2014: Our work on "Optical Characterization of Electron-Phonon Interactions at the Saddle Point in Graphene" published in Physical Review Letters.

  • April 2014: DOD announces MURI awards. Sandhu group at the University of Arizona will recieve funding under the ARO MURI topic: "Attosecond Electron Dynamics".

  • April 2013: Niranjan Shivaram succesfully defends his doctoral thesis. Dr. Shivaram joining at a post-doc at Lawrence Berkeley Labs.

  • October 2012: Our research work highlighted in UA News article "Freezing Electrons in Flight" .

  • October 2012: Our work on "Ultrafast dynamics of neutral superexcited Oxygen: A direct measurement of the competition between autoionization and predissociation" published in Physical Review Letters.

  • June 2012: Profs. Arvinder Sandhu and Brian LeRoy awarded DURIP funding by Army Research Office (DoD) for project titled "Tunable ultrafast photon source and imaging system for studying carrier dynamics in graphene devices"

  • May 2012: Our work on "Attosecond-resolved evolution of a laser-dressed Helium atom: Interfering excitation paths and quantum phases" published in Physical Review Letters.

  • April 2012: Prof. Sandhu awarded grant by Research Corporation under AZ Partners in Science program.

  • April 2012: Adam Roberts succesfully defends his doctoral thesis. Dr. Roberts joining at a post-doc at Army Reseach Labs in Hunstsville.

  • April 2011: Derek Huang, the undergraduate student from our lab named Goldwater Scholar.