Fall 2021

Physics 528: Statistical Mechanics


    Statistical Physics of Particles, Statistical Physics of Fields, textbooks by Mehran Kardar (Cambridge University Press, 2007).

    Learning Objectives
    The statistical foundations of thermodynamics. Micro-canonical, canonical, and grand canonical ensembles. Quantum statistics. Ideal Bose and Fermi systems. Fluctuations and linear-response theory. Phase transitions and critical phenomena.

    Syllabus [version 8/24/2020 (obsolete)]

    All course grades and solutions available through d2l.

    Office hours: (tentative) Wednesday 2-4pm, or contact me

    Lecture notes:
    Lec 1: The Laws of Thermodynamics
    Lec 2: Statistical basis of thermodynamics
    Lec 3: Classical ideal gas
    Lec 4: Introduction to ensemble theory
    Lec 5: Micro-canonical ensemble
    Lec 6: Canonical ensemble
    Lec 7: Canonical ensemble II
    Lec 8: Paramagnetism
    Lec 9: Grand canonical ensemble
    Lec 10: The density matrix
    Lec 11: Quantum statistics (cont.)
    Lec 12: Reduced density matrix
    Lec 13: Quantum many-particle systems
    Lec 14: Quantum ideal gas
    Lec 15: Fermi gas
    Lec 16: Fermi gas II
    Lec 17: Ideal Bose gas
    Lec 18: Photons and phonons
    Lec. 19: Quantum theory of a harmonic crystal
    Lec. 20: Fluctuations in a 1D harmonic system
    Lec. 21: Superconductivity I: Meissner effect
    Lec. 22: Superconductivity II: Ginzburg-Landau theory
    Lec. 23: Electrical noise in a resistor
    Lec. 24: Thermoelectric effects and linear response theory

    Additional references:
    David Tong, Lectures on Statistical Physics (Cambridge University, 2012)

    Information: From Maxwell's demon to Landauer's eraser, Physics Today (September 2015).

    Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics at Negative Absolute Temperatures, Norman F. Ramsey, Phys. Rev. 103, 20 (1956).

    Topological Phase Transitions and Topological Phases of Matter Nobel Prize in Physics (2016).

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