Fall 2013 Physics Colloquium Schedule

Friday, PAS 224, 3pm

Date Speaker Topic
Sept. 6
Ed Prather
University of Arizona
Are you really teaching if no one is really learning?
Designing evidence-based instruction in extreme classes.
Sept. 13

Alex Mogilner
University of California, Davis
Joint Physics/Applied Math Colloquium
Many-body problem of classical mechanics and physics of cell division
Special Time: 4pm
Sept. 20
Brad Story
University of Arizona
The physics of vowels and consonants.
Sept. 27
Brian Anderson
University of Arizona
Turbulent times in quantum physics.
Oct. 4
Chris Impey
University of Arizona
Probing the Limits of Nuclear Activity with the COSMOS Survey
Oct. 11
Lian-Tao Wang
University of Chicago
Explore the TeV scale New Physics with LHC Data
Oct. 18

No Colloquium
Oct. 25
Sumit Mazumdar
University of Arizona
Two decades of fulleride (C60) superconductivity: Are we seeing the light?
Nov. 1
Shufang Su
University of Arizona
Dark Matter at Colliders
Nov. 8
Donglei (Emma) Fan
University of Texas at Austin
Characterization and Manipulation of Nanomaterials by Electric Fields
Nov. 15
Jenann Ismael
University of Arizona
Non-separability, Individuation, and Space-Time
Nov. 22
Cancelled No Colloquium
Nov. 29
Thanksgiving No Colloquium
Dec. 6
Wolfgang Fink
University of Arizona
Autonomous Robotic Reconnaissance Missions in Extreme Environments

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