Prof. Dr. Johann Rafelski
Department of Physics
The University of Arizona
PAS Bldg 81, Room 386D
1118 E. 4th Street
TUCSON, AZ 85721-0081
Contact: E-mail: Rafelski at Gmail.COM
Rafelski at Physics.Arizona.Edu JohannR at Arizona.EDU
Tel.: +1 520-777 9519 Cell.: +1 520-990 4213

Born: May 19, 1950 in Krakow, schooled in Poland,Germany
married with Victoria A Grossack, an author and actuary
D: Susanne M. Rafelski, Ph.D. at Allen Inst. for Cell Sci.
S: Marc A. Rafelski, Ph.D., at Space Telescope Sci. Inst.
Languages spoken: English, French, German, and Polish
USA/EU citizen; Hobbies: skiing, history of science;
Photo: The University of Arizona Health Sciences
Kris Hanning, February 2019


  1. Strong Field and critical acceleration;
  2. Vacuum structure and quark deconfinement and quark-gluon plasma;
  3. Hadronization (creation of matter from energy) in lab and the early Universe;
  4. Neutrinos in the Universe and Cosmological Evolution;
  5. Physics with ultra-intense light pulses; relativistic plasma; aneutronic fusion

Abitur: 1968 Goethe Gymnasium, Frankfurt/Main Prize Award
Study: 1968--71 J.W. Goethe University, Frankfurt `Studienstiftung' Fellowship
Degrees: 1971 Diplom Physiker
1973 Dr. Phil. Nat.


CURRENT Professor of Physics (tenured)
Member, Program in Appl. Math.
Affiliate, Theoretical Astrophysics
at The University of Arizona
at The University of Arizona
at The University of Arizona


1971-73 Assistent, Theoretische Physik J.W. Goethe Universität, Frankfurt
1971-93 Guest Scientist NBS/NIST, Washington, DC
1973-74 Postdoctoral Fellow University of Pennsylvania
1974-80 Postdoctoral Fellow
from 1975 Junior Staff
from 1977 on leave
Physics Division, Argonne
National Laboratory, Chicago

1977-79 Fellow CERN, Geneva
1979-83 C3-Prof. für Theoretische Physik J.W. Goethe Universität Frankfurt
1983-87 Chair of Theoretical Physics
University of Cape Town
1987 Full professor with tenure
The University of Arizona


1979-18 Guest Scientist CERN, Geneva: sabbaticals 82/83, 86/87, 00/01, 04/5
1979-91 Guest Scientist GSI-Darmstadt, Germany
1983-87 Scientific Advisor MUCF research program BYU/LAMPF Los Alamos
1992 Guest Scientist MPI Max Planck Institut für Physik Munich
1993-06 Guest Professor Universit'e Paris 7, LPTHE sabbatical 93/94
2008-09 DFG Professor Munich Center for Advanced Photonics, LMU
2010-16 Guest Professor LULI, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France
2013-16 Science Advisor ELI-BL Extreme Light Infrastructure near Prague


  • 40+ years lecturing with emphasis on subnuclear and foundational physics
  • 35+ years supervision of graduate students/ PhD candidates
  • Development of undergraduate and graduate curricula and University courses
  • Worked within the US, German, French and English University systems
  • Organization of international conferences, schools and seminar meetings
  • Leader of multinational collaborations
  • Author and co-author of major research monographs (books, major reviews)
  • Editor: collective research accounts, conferences, historical perspectives