in   d + d --> 4He + pi0

Theory  Collaboration

The d+d -> 4He+pi0 reaction is forbidden by charge symmetry, and is therefore sensitive to the difference in the masses of the up and down quarks. Experiment CE-82 at IUCF was designed to measure its cross section near threshold. In order to extract information about the quark mass difference, one needs to calculate the effects of the isospin-conserving dynamics, and estimate the size of other isospin-breaking effects. A collaboration of theorists has been formed to tackle these issues.

This web page contains postings relevant to this effort. If you want something posted, please send it to Bira van Kolck.

Note: none of the material displayed here can be downloaded or reproduced without explicit authorization by the members of the collaboration.

NEWS (11/08/04): Minutes of 10/27 Meeting

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